About me

David started drawing cars when he was 3 years old and has been drawing ever since. Back then it was just few simple lines and circles. Later on in his "tween" and teen years, he started to create his own cars. His skills are all self taught. Learning to draw better by yourself is tough, but fun. David enjoys feedback from people about his art. At age 19, he started to work on realism and he enjoys it -- trying to improve on everything such as reflections and details. It is impossible to anticipate what his drawing will be like tomorrow. Maybe it will look better with just a few more lines.

Have you had trainings in art of any kind?

Self taught.

Having to be a complete self taught artist, how did you improve yourself?

Take a pencil and an eraser and draw, “so many cars u can draw in real life".

When did you start noticing your improvements?

I never seek comments for my drawings. When I first time received comments, I discover what I needed to improve on, and gradually improved.

I never realized how much I improved from my very first drawing, because I never looked back, I didn’t see my improvements. After I looked back, I was motivated to improve even more.

What are some of your personal goals or your goals as an artist?

My goal as an artist is pretty simple. I want to draw better with my own style. I want to draw for other car enthusiasts. Either for their own car or the car they just love.

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or fun.